Eliminating injury and waste from static slectricity

Electrostatic Answers works to eliminate injury and waste
from static electricity by providing expert consulting,
measurements of static levels, ESD audits and awareness training,
contract R&D, intellectual property services, technical seminars
and webinars to solve electrostatic problems and to dissipate
or neutralize static electricity in:

concept invention,
technology development,
product design and commercialization,
electronics manufacturing & assembly
industrial manufacturing operations,
and in customer applications.

Contact Information:
near Rochester, NY

Kelly Robinson, PE, PhD
Electrostatic Answers
15 Piping Rock Run
Fairport, NY 14450


Skype: Electrostatic.Answers
Tel: 585.425.8158
Fax: 585.425.0915

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Kelly Robinson, PE, PhD
IEEE Fellow, Patent Agent

Do I offer the services that you are looking for?

Will I provide the knowledge and expertise that you need?

Dr. Robinson, is a Professional Engineer licensed in New York State,an IEEE Fellow cited for:
"contributions to electrostatic performance of manufacturing processes and imaging devices,"
and a Patent Agent registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office.
Please review my consulting services, measurement capabilities, seminars, webinars, informational articles,
presentations & publications, patents, patent applications, resume, and links to electrostatic resources.

If you don't find exactly what you need to solve your static charge problems,
please contact me so we can talk about your situation, your unique challenges, and how I might assist.

from Electrostatic Answers

Solve Static Problems

I measure static charge levels, identify opportunities to improve static control,
and verify that solutions works.

Neutralize Static
on Winding Rolls

Hot Rolls are wound rolls that store large amounts of static. Eliminate hot rolls by
winding electrically neutral webs. Measure static on the web prior to winding
to identify sources of charging and neutralize static at the source.

On-site Consultation

At your invitation, I'll join you on your factory floor or laboratory bench and use
my industry standard electrostatic equipment to investigate static problems,
diagnosis the root cause, and implement cost effective solutions.

On-site Static Survey

I'll come and work with you to measure static charge levels from the beginning to the end
of your process, find sources of static charging,and identify the best ionizer locations
to dissipate static electricity.

Telephone Consultation

Communicate through individual discussions or conference call meetings
with WebEx hosted presentations.

Skype Consultation

We can discuss static problems and have a conversation about solutions via Skype without travel. Skype me at: Electrostatic.Answers

Resistance and
Static Dissipation
Testing Services

Electrical resistance measurements are in compliance with:
ASTM D257 Standard Test Methods for DC Resistance or Conductance of Insulating Materials

Static dissipation measurements are in compliance with:
Department of Defense Test Method Standard MIL-STD-3010A
Test Procedures for Packaging Materials Method 4046 Electrostatic Properties

New Product
Static Assessment

Assess static risks in new products, identify measurements to characterize threats,
and develop static performance specifications to insure good electrostatic performance.

Analysis and Modeling

Benefit from first principles models, parametric investigations, and scientific programming

Dimensional Analysis

Gain insight and reduce the size of experiments by identifing dimensionless parameters
that govern key mechanisms in your invention.

Laboratory Investigation

Improve the execution of your bench scale experiments by working in a relative humidity & temperature controlled laboratory. Benefit from state of the art NI-LabVIEW driven data acquisition.

ESD Audits and
Awarness Training

Audit semiconductor fabrication and printed circuited board assembly operations,
identify improvements needed in ESD Control Programs, and eliminate static threats
to sensitive electronic components.

Contract R&D

Demonstrate electrostatic technology invention and concept feasibility with well conceived experiments including complete documentation for patent invention reports.

Contract Engineering

At "crunch time," increase your resources for designing your product for robust static performance,
complete the engineering design, and verify system performance with efficient experiments & analysis.

Experimental Design

Keep your projects on schedule and on budget by designing your experiments.

Technical Editing

Sharpen and focus your journal articles, technical reports, or manuals with help from an award winning technical author.

Expert Witness

Gain physical insight and benefit from clear explanations from an expert witness with deposition experience.

Solve Corona Discharge Treatment (CDT) Problems

Corona treaters are designed to oxidize the surface of films using an electrical discharge. The electrodes, treater roller, and power supply must work together to provide reliable performance.

Patent Agent

I am a Patent Agent registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) licensed to represent clients in their business before the USPTO; writing patents, filing them with the USPTO, and responding to Office Actions during the examination of the patent applicaiton.

available from Electrostatic Answers

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Laboratory w/
controlled T & RH

Access to laboratory with Relative Humidity controlled from 15% to 70% within 1%,
and Temperature controlled to 21 oC within 1 oC

Electric Field

Monroe 257D Electrostatic Fieldmeter

Electrostatic Surface Potential

Trek 370 High Speed Non-Contact Electrostatic Voltmeter

Electrical Resistance

AEMC 5070 Megohmmeter

Electrical Volumetric Resistivity

Keithley 6517A Electrometer w/ Model 8009 Resistivity Test Fixture
Monroe 272A Resistivity Meter
HP4284A Precision LCR meter w/ liquid conductivity cell

Electrical Surface Resistivity

Keithley 6517A Electrometer w/ Model 8009 Resistivity Test Fixture
Monroe 272A Resistivity Meter

Roller Resistivity

AEMC 5070 Megohmmeter w/ conducting rubber electrodes

Electrical Internal Resistivity

Keithley 6517A Electrometer w/ salt water electrodes

Electrostatic Charge

Monroe 284 NanoCoulomb Meter w/ 6" diameter Faraday Cup

Equipment Grounding

AEMC 5070 Megohmmeter

Floor Resistance

Monroe 272A Resistance Meter

Laboratory Rewinder

Access to rewinder in T/RH controlled laboratory:
Convey films - width 1-6″; thickness 0.0005-0.020″;
tension 0.5-20 lbs; speed up to 700 m/min

Dielectric Constant
or Permittivity

HP 4285A Precisions LCR Meter w/ parallel plate electrode cell

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to see additional professional activities, please review my Resume


Current news and commentary from Electrostatic Answers

My colleague Prof. Mark Horenstein named IEEE Fellow
for contributions to the modeling and measurements of electrostatics in industrial processes. 1/2016

Converting and Package Printing Expo - CPP 2015
PFFC Educational Program, September 13-16, 2015
McCormick Place, Chicago, IL

Flexo Printing, Gravure Coating, and Lamination - Static Control presented by Kelly Robinson

Converting Equipment Manufacturers Association
Funamentals Seminars, September 14, 2015
McCormick Place, Chicago IL

Dealing with Static Electricity - presented by Kelly Robinson

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What clients and colleagues are saying about Electrostatic Answers!

David R. Roisum, Ph.D., President, Finishing Technologies, Inc.

worked directly with Kelly at Electrostatic Answers
date of recommendation: September 30, 2010

Dr. Robinson is the goto person in static. As a writer, teacher and industrial problem solver, he simply has no peer in the web industries.

Matthew Ricotta, Product Manager at Parlec, Inc

hired Kelly as a Technical Consultant in 2010
date of recommendation: October 13, 2010

Dr. Robinson was an excellent asset to our team. His knowledge, and technical experience in ESD were second to none during our time we worked together. When another opportunity presents itself, I will not hesitate to call on him.

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Al Brooks, Manufacturing and Technical Services Manager, Multi-Seal Corporation

hired Kelly as a Technical Consultant in 2010
date of recommendation: September 21, 2010

Kelly is clearly an expert in the field of electrostatics; he did a complete, thorough and professional review and presentation of findings with regard to our requirements. I highly recommend him as a consultant and trainer in his field.

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Rajib Ahmed, Research Intern at Kodak

worked indirectly for Kelly at Eastman Kodak
date of recommendation: April 22, 2011

Dr. Robinson is one of the most astute engineers/scientists with whom I have ever had the pleasure to interact. During my tenure as a graduate student at the University of Rochester as well as research intern at Kodak, Dr. Robinson's innate ability to explain complex electrostatics phenomena in layman's terms to a Chemical Engineer was nothing short of outstanding! He has this uncanny ability to understand a pupil's level of knowledge and can very adeptly cater to his/her needs. As a scientist in technical sales, I cannot reiterate the importance of this indispensable trait for a teacher/colleague. Also, his direct help with my PhD thesis work was pivotal for a successful dissertation. I am honored to endorse Dr. Robinson and I know that as a teacher/owner of his business, he is one of the best technical and business savvy people that anybody will ever work with!

Debasis Majumdar, Ph.D., Research Scientist, Eastman Kodak Company

worked directly with Kelly at the Eastman Kodak Company
date of recommendation: October 3, 2010

Dr. Kelly Robinson has been a colleague of mine at Kodak, and it is with great pleasure I recommend Kelly’s work. Kelly had been recognized as a world class expert of electrostatics. He has the track record of solving a number of show-stopper issues related to a wide variety of products. Kelly has been a “go-to” person for many of us encountering complex problems in manufacturing, finishing and/or product performance at customer interface. Personally, I have benefited from Kelly’s guidance in designing antistatic layers for a wide variety of imaging and display media. Our joint work has led to a number of patents. Kelly is completely “hands-on” and has superb communication skills to explain his findings to experts and non-experts alike. I thoroughly enjoyed and learned from the many internal courses that Kelly taught here at Kodak. I am convinced that Kelly will bring success to any team addressing electrostatic issues. More over, I found him to be a joy to collaborate with.

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Up Coming Meetings and Conferences

Electrostatics 2016 Joint Conference

Purdue University
West Lafayette, Indiana

June 13-16, 2015

Assoc. of Int'l Metallizers, Coaters & Laminator, AIMCAL
2016 Web Coating & Handling Conference

Memphis, Tennessee

Oct., 2016

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Electrostatics Resources

Static Beat

Monthly column on static control for the converting industry.

Kelly on Static

PFFC Blog on current static issues and answers to questions of broad interest

2015 Electrostatics Society of America

California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, California
General Chair: Keith Forward, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Technical Program Chair: Peter Ireland, University of Newcastle, Australia

2014 Electrostatics Society of America

University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Indiana
General Chair: David Go, University of Notre Dame
Technical Program Chair: Poupak Mehrani, University of Ottawa

2013 Electrostatics Society of America Annual Meeting

Cocoa Beach, Florida
General Chair: Charles Buhler, CRB High Field
Technical Program Chair: David Go, Univ. of Notre Dame

2012 Electrostatics Joint Conferece

Cambridge ON hosted by the University of Waterloo
General Chair: Shesha Jayaram, University of Waterloo
Technical Program Chair: Maciej A. Noras, Univ. of North Carolina at Charlotte

2011 Electrostatics Society of America
Annual Meeting

Case Western Reserve University - Cleveland, OH
General Chair: Prof. Dan Lacks, Case Western Reserve Univ.
Technical Program Chair: Keith Forward, Massachusetts Institute of Tech.

2010 Electrostatics Society of America
Annual Meeting

University of North Carolina - Charlotte, NC
General Chair: Prof. Maciej Noras, UNC Charlotte
Technical Program Chair: Prof. Dan Lacks, Case Western Reserve Univ.

2009 Electrostatics Joint Conference

Boston University, Boston, MA
General Chair: Prof. Mark Horentein
Technical Program Chair: Dr. Kelly Robinson, Electrostatic Answers

2008 Electrostatics Society of America
Annual Meeting

Ramada-Mall-of-America, Minneapolis, MN, USA
General Chair: Al Seaver
Technical Program Chair: Prof. Dan Lacks, Case Western Reserve Univ.

Electrostatics 2007

25–29 March 2007, St Catherine's College, Oxford, UK

Burgoynes Inc
Dr. Thomas Pratt

electrostatics resource; experts in fire and explosion
investigation and prevention; Georgia, USA

Chilworth Technologies
Ian Pavey

electrostatics resource; experts in process safety; UK

Dangelmayer Associates
Ted Dangelmayer

electrostatics resource; ESD solutions for the electronics industry

Demonstrations of Electrostatic Principles
Prof. Thomas B. Jones

electrostatics information and consulting; University of Rochester, USA

Electrostatic Applications
Dr. Joe Crowley

Consulting & information resource; California, USA

Electrostatic Solutions
Dr. Jeremy Smallwood

Consulting and information resource; UK

Fowler Associates, Inc
Steve Fowler

Consulting and information resource; SC, USA

Journal of Electrostatics

theoretical and experimental aspects, basic physics,
practical applications, and hazards of electrostatics

Laurence G. Britton, Ph.D.

applying fundamental scientific knowledge to the identification and control
of all types of ignition, flammability and explosibility hazards
in chemical processes and distribution facilities

Tim Walker, The Spin on Idler Rollers
PFFC June 2008

How to identify rollers with high bearing drag,
which can increase static levels.

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Professional and Trade Organizations

AIMCAL - Assoc. of Industrial Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators

global nonprofit trade association

founded in 1970

Converting Equipment Manufacturers Assoc. (CEMA)

division of AIMCAL - global nonprofit trade association


Converting Quarterly Web Processing and Finishing Technologies

Official Publication of the Association
of International Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators


Electrostatic Discharge Association

professional organization serving the
electronics industry


Electrostatics Society of America

electrostatics professional organization

founded in 1970

European Working Party
"Static Electricity in Industry" EFCE

electrostatics professional organization


FlexTech Alliance

US Display Consortium became the FlexTech Alliance,
serving the flexible electronics and display industry


Gravure Association of America

trade association serving the Gravure printing industry

formed 1987


Research, analysis and events for printed electronics, RFID, energy harvesting and their applications

formed 2000

IEEE-IAS Electrostatic Processes Committee

electrostatics professional organization


Institute of Electrostatics Japan

electrostatics professional organization


Packaging & Label Gravure Association Global

Gravure coating technology organization


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Related & Adjacent Resources

AIMCAL - Converting Portal

serving the Converting Industry

AIMCAL - Web Coating Blog
Dr. Edward Cohen

coating science and technology blog

AIMCAL Web Handling
and Converting Blog

Dr. David Rosium

web / film handling and converting resource

Optimation Media &
Web Conveyance Facility

Rochester, NY

for industrial and manufacturing applications

PFFC Paper, Foil & Film Converter Magazine

publication serving the Converting Industry

Printed Electronics World

on-line resouce for printed electronics by IDTechEx

RIT Printing Industry Center
Rochester, NY

Rochester Institute of Technology - technical resource

Tripartisan Technologies
Canandaigua, NY

manufacturer of non-crystalline, amorphous polymers (polycarbonate, acrylic, superengineering polymers like polyetherimide) including the ability to load films with carbon black, spinoidal tin, or various other nanoparticles.

US Patent and Trademark Office

free patent searching

Web Handling Research Center

Oklahoma State University - technical resource

T. J. Walker + Asso.

Web Handling consulting and information

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Working to solve static problems, to dissipate static electricity, and to develop electrostatic technologies has been my pursuit and passion for over 40 years. I am anxious to share my understanding and expertise to help you solve your static problems.

"Electrostatic phenomena have been known for the past few thousand years" (Preface - Handbook and Electrostatic Processes). Your experiences are part of a long tradition of observations and learnings. Please consider sharing your thoughts and experiences with the electrostatics technical community. Please contact me, or consider attending one of our electrostatics meetings or conferences.

Regards, Kelly Robinson

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