Triboelectric Series
September 2009

In this version, I have identified broad categories of materials
in the triboelectric series to enable us to estimate where
unlisted materials may be positioned.

Kelly on Static
PFFC Online blog

Blog on static issues in roll-to-roll production operations.

CEMA Fundamentals Seminars 2014
Kelly on Static, PFFC Online, 1/2/14

The Converting Equipment Manufacturers Asso. (CEMA) sponsors an
excellent series of "Fundamentals Seminars" on April 7-9, 2014 in
Woodcliff Lake, NJ. I'll be talking about "Static Control Best Practices."

Take Time To Sharpen Your Saw
Kelly on Static, PFFC Online, 12/30/13

Perhaps you are familiar with the story
about sawing wood with a dull blade.

Static Dissipator Neutralization Efficincy
Static Beat, PFFC Online, 1/3/14

Dissipator performance depends on web speed, number of ions
formed by the static bar, and the length of web exposed to the ions.

Static Dissipator Performance
Kelly on Static, PFFC Online, 12/24/13

Detailed analysis finds the neutralization efficiency
of static dissipators.

Should Static Brushes Touch?
Static Beat, PFFC Online, 11/7/13

Pros and cons of mounting static brushes so that they touch.

How do Static Dissipators
Neutralize Static?

Static Beat, PFFC Online, 2/25/13

Passive dissipators leave a low level of static
on the web.

So, Should We Patent That?
PFFC Online, 2/12/13

Consider both the uniqueness and detectability of an invention
to help decide whether to patent an invention.

Passive Dissipator Operation
Kelly on Static, PFFC Online, 1/7/13

Passive static dissipators work by using sharp points to intensify
the electric field flowing from static charges on the web.

First Static Dissipater
Kelly on Static, PFFC Online, 12/23/12

Prolific inventor William Henry Chapman patented the first
active static dissipator in 1906.

Static Bar Spacing
Static Beat, PFFC Online, 12/7/12

How far from the web should static bars be installed?

High Static on Unwinding Rolls
Static Beat, PFFC Online, 10/31/12

Polar charge wound into a roll looks like tribocharge
when the roll is unwound.

Net and Polar Charge
Kelly on Static, PFFC Online, 9/23/12

How does knowing about the difference between “net charge”
and “polar charge” help solve static problems?

Unwinding Roll Tribocharging
Static Beat, PFFC Online, 10/31/12

What measurements can you take to learn if tribocharging
is occurring at the unwinding nip?

S-Wrap Rollers?
Static Beat, PFFC Online, 7/13/12

The web exits S-wrapped rollers with static on both sides.
How can we neutralize this static?

Will 2 Bars Always Neutralize Static?
Kelly on Static, PFFC Online, 6/29/12

Will 2 static bars facing each other effectively
neutralize static on both sides of the web?

2 Static Bars for Static on 2 Sides?
Kelly on Static, PFFC Online, 5/28/12

When static can be on both sides of a web, can two
static bars neutralize the charges on both sides?

How Do Static Wands Work?
Static Beat, PFFC Online, 5/18/12

A static wand often is used to remove static from a wound roll.
After treatment, is the roll static free?

Static Quiz - Winding Roll - Answer
Kelly on Static, PFFC Online, 4/23/12

With a high electric field on this winding roll,
what is the best way to neutralize the static?

Static Quiz - Winding Roll
Kelly on Static, PFFC Online, 4/23/12

With a high electric field on this winding roll,
what is the best way to neutralize the static?

Laminators Present Static Challenges
Static Beat, PFFC Online, 4/6/12

Static control for laminators is complex because static charges
can be sealed inside by the laminator.

Does Coating Neutralize Static?
Kelly on Static, PFFC Online, 4/2/12

Why worry about static prior to coating?
Doesn’t coating neutralize static?

Finding Sources of Static
Kelly on Static, PFFC Online, 3/19/12

Making quantitative measurements enables us to identify
sources of static charge and to measure the amount
of charge deposited on the web.

Static Beat: Corona Treater Static
Static Beat, PFFC Online, 3/14/12

Two static dissipaters are needed to control static
because corona treaters have two sources of charging.

Static Beat: Side Matters
Static Beat, PFFC Online, 2/8/12

When installing tinsel or a static bar near the web, does it matter
which side it's on? If so, why does side matter?

Learn About Static
Kelly on Static, PFFC Online, 1/20/12

There are several good opportunities in 2012 & 2013 to learn about static.

Static Beat: Eliminate Hot Rolls
Static Beat, PFFC Online, 1/17/12

Neutralizing static when unwinding a hot roll is difficult
and almost always ineffective. So, what can be done?

Beat Winter Static
Static Beat, PFFC Online, 11/23/11

Now is the time for maintenance and process adjustments
to prevent winter static.

Stopping Winter Static ... how?
Kelly on Static, PFFC Online, 11/15/11

Around this time every year, I remember that static problems
will be worse in the coming winter months. This is well known and
we pretty much understand why … it is a humidity thing.

Static Beat: Beat Winter Static
Static Beat, PFFC Online, 11/23/11

Checklist for eliminating winter static.

Static causes 6 kinds of waste
Kelly on Static, PFFC Online, 10/28/11

The AIMCAL (Asso. of Int'l Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators)
2011 Web Coating Conference had many interesting presentations.
One was on designing a lean production line. This got me thinking
about waste caused by static.

Kelly on Static welcomes you!
Kelly on Static, PFFC Online, 10/20/11

Our PFFC website is up and running. Static is more interesting than ever!
Please feel free to ask questions and offer your perspectives on static.
I’ll be writing about static issues and offering my reviews and opinions
on meeting that I attend and articles that I read.

Unwinding Static
Static Beat, PFFC Online, 8/22/11

Two ionizers are needed to neutralize charge on both surfaces
of a web exiting an unwinding roll.

Off-line Charging Measurements
Static Beat, PFFC Online, 4/1/11

Of the many “practical” tests for static charging,
one of the best is the “nip roller” test

Insulators, Conductors and
Static Dissipative materials ...

Kelly on Static, PFFC Online, 2/4/11

We often use jargon to communicate using “technical short-hand.”
It is very important, now and then, to take a step back and think about
what these terms mean. Does the term “static dissipative” mean
the same thing to you as it does to me?

Charge Conrol Antistatic Layer
Static Beat, PFFC Online, 2/1/11

Antistatic layers may be categorized in two broad categories:
conductive layers and charge control layers.
Each type of antistatic layer has advantages and drawbacks.

Static Jargon and Standards
Kelly on Static, PFFC Online, 1/27//11

As with may technical areas, static has jargon that can be
a barrier to understanding. A good place to start is
NFPA 77, Recommended Practice on Static Electricity.

Conductive Antistatic Layers
Static Beat, PFFC Online, 1/1/11

One effective strategy for solving these problems is
to design products that do not accumulate static.

Using Electrostatic Voltmeters
Static Beat, PFFC Online, 12/1/10

Electrostatic Voltmeters reveal the surface charge on films.

How to Use Electrostatic Fieldmeters
Static Beat, PFFC Online, 11/1/10

Electrostatic Fieldmeters are the workhorse instrument for solving static problems.

Prevent Winter Static
Static Beat, PFFC Online, 10/1/10

Use this checklist to prevent winter static.

How to take a Static Survey
Static Beat, PFFC Online, 8/1/10

When did the problem start? Which products are affected and
which are not? What process elements or set points
might have caused the problem?

Choosing Passive or Active Ionizers
Static Beat, PFFC Online, 7/1/10

To solve a static problem, many good static neutralizers
are available. How do you choose which ones to use?

Corona Treaters and Ionizers compared
Static Beat, PFFC Online, 6/1/10

Corona treatment (CT) is a surface treatment technology that uses
an electrical discharge to oxidize the surface of polymer film.
Corona discharge treatment is 1000x more energetic than static dissipaters.

How to use an Electrostatic Voltmeter
Static Beat, PFFC Online, 5/1/10

A non-contacting electrostatic voltmeter measures
the surface potential of a film..

Measure Static Charge
Static Beat, PFFC Online, 4/1/10

The only meter that actually measures charge is the Coulomb meter.
And, since charges are at the root of static problems, the Coulomb meter
should be the best one to use…right?.

Good Static
Kelly on Static, PFFC Online, 3/15/10

While most static issues in the converting industry involve
solving static problems, in other industrial applications,
static charge plays an important and beneficial role.

How to measure Static - Fieldmeter
Static Beat, PFFC Online, 3/1/10

Electrostatic fieldmeter is the workhorse for diagnosing static problems.

Fieldmeter or Voltmeter?
Kelly on Static, PFFC Online, 12/24/09

I received an interesting email question. What is the difference between
an electrostatic fieldmeter and a non-contacting electrostatic voltmeter?
And, if I had to pick either one or the other, which one is more useful
for solving static problems?

How Much Static?
Kelly on Static, PFFC Online, 12/18/09

Static is only one of many challenges in commercializing new products
and in running production processes. How can we organize our information
and prioritize our work so that each issue gets the attention it deserves,
and no more?

How Static Bars Work
Static Beat, PFFC Online, 12/1/09

Static bars are highly effective in controlling static in operations
that demand excellent static control and robust, reliable performance.

Static Be Gone!
Static Beat, PFFC Online, 11/1/09

Static charge accumulates on the surface of PE, PP, or PET films
as they run through a coating, lamination, or converting process.
Static charge also accumulates on the surfaces of insulating rollers
covered with polyurethane, silicone rubber, or EPDM
(ethylene-propylene-diene) rubber.

Dissipating Static
Static Beat, PFFC Online, 10/1/09

Static becomes worse in the winter when the humidity decreases.
What measurements are important to track static?

How to Prevent Unwinding Roll Static
Static Beat, PFFC Online, 7/1/09

"Hot Rolls" and unwinding static.

Welcome to the world of STATIC!
Kelly on Static, PFFC Online, 7/29/09

Here, I will share some fundamental concepts of static electricity,
apply these concepts to real-world roll-to-roll manufacturing operations,
and answer questions on electrostatic theories and applications.

How to Prevent Winding Roll Sparks
Static Beat, PFFC Online, 7/1/09

Our goal is to produce and ship product with no static charge.
Zero. Zip. None. Achieving this goal is difficult and costly.
Realistically, we need to keep static levels low enough
so our customers order more of our stuff.

Film Charge Causes Winding Static
Static Beat, PFFC Online, 6/9/09

Valuable product is delivered to customers in wound rolls.
Unfortunately, the wound rolls often contain product defects,
dust particles, and static charge. To satisfy their customers,
manufacturers work hard to eliminate defects, dust, and static.

The Spin on Idler Roller Testing
Web Lines by Tim Walker,
PFFC Online, 6/1/08

Use this spin test to identify rollers with high drag, which increases static.

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