These patents offer some insight into my approach to creative problem solving
and experience with intellectual property.

Antistatic Conductive Grid Pattern with Integral Logo
w/ P. Aylward, D. Majumdar, B. Fitzgerald

US Patent 7,255,912 - visible antistatic layer
incorporates graphic design or logo


Process for the Deposition of Uniform Layer of Particulate Material w/ R. Mehta, R. Jagannathan, S. Jagannathan,
K. Pond, B. Houghtaling

US Patent 7,223,445 - charging and deposition
of nanoparticles


Antistat Layer for Electrically Modulated Display
w/ P. Aylward, D. Majumdar, H. Yau, W. Durkin,
D. Bigelow, D. Slater

US Patent 7,087,351 - antistat layer improves static protection of a flexible electronic display


Transparent Invisible Conductive Grid w/ P. Aylward,
D. Majumdar, R. Daly, B. Fitzgerald, P. Christian

US Patent 7,083,885 - transparent conductive material coated in a grid pattern improves static performance


Conductive Foam Core Imaging Member w/ D. Majumdar, N. Dontula, S. Sunderrajan, P. Aylward, M. Kestner

US Patent 6,566,033 - use of electrically conductive, closed cell foam in sheets for printed images


Developer Flow Rate Regulation for an Electrophotographic Toning Roller w/ A. Lucas, T. Hilbert

US Patent 5,227,848 - improved developer flow rate regulation using an eccentric toning roller


Xeroprinting Using a Corona Charge Injection
Modifying Material
w/ W. Mey, J. May, W. Gruenbaum,
S. Riblett, O. Rodenberg

US Patent 5,101,216 - multiple copies using charge injection properties of toner particles


Replaceable Developer Station Having Indicator for Determining Whether Developer Station is Used or New
w/ K. Arnold, L. Hill

US Patent 5,043,764 - detection of previously used
toning station


Bar Magnet for Construction of a Magnetic Roller Core
w/ J. K. Lee, D. McJury, M. Pickup

US Patent 5,019,796 - improved magnetization pattern for magnets used to make magnetic toning rollers


Developer Mix Monitoring for Replacable
Developer Stations
w/ K. Arnold, W. Chang

US Patent 4,956,668 - toner monitor automatically calibrates to a new station


Multiple Xeroprinted Copies from a single exposure
using photosensitive film buffer element

w/ W. Gruenbaum, W. Mey

US Patent 4,898,797 - insulating layer improves sharpness for xeroprinting, multiple copies from one exposure


Electrographic Magnetic Brush Development Apparatus
and System

w/ B. Steele, A. Rushing

US Patent 4,714,046 - eccentric magnetic toning roller reduces core drive torque and extends developer life


Electrophotographic Development Apparatus
w/ R. Weitzel, A. Kroll

US Patent 4,570,572 - toning station cooling method


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