Kelly Robinson


Electrostatic Answers is a consulting firm that has been dedicated to solving clients’ problems with static electricity since 2007. I am Dr. Kelly Robinson, IEEE Fellow, and I have spent my career identifying and resolving a full range of problems related to electrostatic for over 100 clients in technology development, product commercialization, manufacturing, and other fields. Many of these clients are Fortune 500 companies, and while I primarily work with clients who are located in North America, I have also assisted companies in Asia, Europe, and Central America.

In addition to my consulting and testing services, I also chair the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Committee on Static Electricity, which is responsible for NFPA 77 Recommended Practices on Static Electricity. I am also a contributing editor on static control for PFFC Online (Paper, Film, & Foil Converter), which has been a leading trade publication for the converting industry since 1927, and an associate editor for the Journal of Electrostatic, an Elsevier, peer-reviewed technical journal. And as a Patent Agent with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), I am licensed to represent clients in their business before the USPTO and assist them with the patent process.