Rajib Ahmed

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Worked indirectly for Kelly at Eastman Kodak

Date of recommendation: April 22, 2011

Dr. Robinson is one of the most astute engineers/scientists with whom I have ever had the pleasure to interact. During my tenure as a graduate student at the University of Rochester as well as research intern at Kodak, Dr. Robinson’s innate ability to explain complex electrostatics phenomena in layman’s terms to a Chemical Engineer was nothing short of outstanding! He has this uncanny ability to understand a pupil’s level of knowledge and can very adeptly cater to his/her needs.

As a scientist in technical sales, I cannot reiterate the importance of this indispensable trait for a teacher/colleague. Also, his direct help with my PhD thesis work was pivotal for a successful dissertation. I am honored to endorse Dr. Robinson and I know that as a teacher/owner of his business, he is one of the best technical and business savvy people that anybody will ever work with!

   Rajib Ahmed